15 April, 2019

Susanne Kaiser: When transitioning to microservices organizational changes have to follow as well

This is it! The final countdown to The 4th Gathering of IT Evangelist that will take place on April 19 in Iasi. But wait! Until then, we want to find a little more about microservices, so it is time to meet Susanne Kaiser, one of our amazing speakers from this edition of DevExperience!



13 April, 2019

Matt Turner: I've been using Istio since the start, version 0.1

Less than one week until DevExperience, so it is time to meet another amazing speaker. Today we want you to meet Matt Turner, Software Engineer at Tetrate, who will have an awesome talk about The Life of a Packet Through Istio. Until the day of the conference, you can read this very nice interview with Matt Turner for our blog!



6 April, 2019

Tudor Teodoru, Centric: Create applications with architectures that allow evolution

The 4th edition of DevExperience gathers great companies and amazing people. One of them is Tudor Teodoru, Software Architect at Centric, one of our Diamond Partners and one of our good old friends. Tudor is also one of the speakers from this edition and he will also have a very interesting community event on the second day of DevExperience, so you would better read this interview and than register for both the conference and the workshop!



4 April, 2019

Christian Wenz: Security is like brushing your teeth

Let's move a little to the Security Track and get to know Christian Wenz, who will have an interesting talk on Web Application Security. Until you will meet Christian in person on April 19, during the conference, you have the chance to find out more about him and his work, if you read this interview that he gave for DevExperience blog!



3 April, 2019

Viorel Canja, UiPath: We would like Iași to become one of our largest development centers

One of the many surprises of this edition is the fact that you will see... unicorns. Well, not any kind of unicorns, but the very first Romanian Unicorn, so be ready to meet the amazing team from UiPath! One of its members is Viorel Canja, SVP Engineering Security, who answered our questions for this very nice blog interview!



2 April, 2019

Daniel Patriche: DevOps is a mindset

Daniel Patriche is a Platform Engineer at Mambu and he is a real advocate for DevOps practices. You will have the chance to meet him in person and listen to his talk Launching Microservices with GitOps on April 19



31 March, 2019

Dan Aluas, Cegeka: We believe in the power of communities

Today we would like you to meet Dan Aluas, Manager of the Software Development Division for the Iasi office at Cegeka Romania. We’ve asked Dan a few questions about Cegeka’s activities, principles and plans, so you’d better read his answers and enjoy a very nice interview about the people in IT!



30 March, 2019

Viktor Farcic: When I'm at DevExperience, I feel like I'm at home, surrounded by friends

When you meet amazing people and awesome professionals like Viktor Farcic, you keep them close to you and you are just grateful that they consider you their friends. Viktor Farcic is coming for the 4th time at DevExperience and he is now more than a friend. He is family. Each year the tickets to his workshop are sold out first and more and more people are coming to the conference to meet him in person and to learn from his experience. Until the 4th Gathering, we've asked Viktor some important questions about the industry and you should really read his answers and share them in your community!



27 March, 2019

Pavel Chunyayev, Mambu: Everyone’s doing DevOps in 2019

It is time to meet the Diamond Sponsors and their opinions on the trends in the industry! Today we recommend you reading this interview with Pavel Chunyayev, Platform and Reliability Engineering Champion at Mambu, Diamond Sponsor at DevExperience for the fourth time in a row.



26 March, 2019

Yan Cui: How to get more than 2 years worth of production experience with serverless in 45 mins

We are waiting for Yan Cui at DevExperience for quite a long time, so, now that he is really coming, we have made sure that he will share as much as he can during the event! That is why Yan will have 2 talks at the conference and 1 workshop the next day! And that is why we also sent him some questions to get an online preview of his activity at DevExperience.



24 March, 2019

The DevExperience Pilgrimage: awake the city with us.

The 4th Gathering starts this week and we are expecting all the IT fanatics between all seven hills to awake the city with us.



20 March, 2019

David Schmitz: Everybody should feel safe to fail, to speak up, to have ideas

Did you enjoy David Schmitz's talk from our last edition as much as we did? Then you should be as happy as we are to know that David is coming again to DevExperience, with another amazing talk on Event Sourcing.



9 March, 2019

Adam Tornhill: I promise to bring you a new look at code and software systems

Adam is a programmer who combines degrees in engineering and psychology. He's also the author of Software Design X-Rays, the best selling Your Code as a Crime Scene, Lisp for the Web, and Patterns in C.



2 March, 2019

Andreas Grabner: Developers have to become 'Performance Aware'

We sent Andreas some questions to get to know him better and to find out more about his talk, so here is the first interview from the 4th edition of DevExperience!



14 February, 2019

Win a free ticket at DevExperience 2019

In raffle we trust! So starting today, 14 February, you can register on our Raffle to win a free ticket to the fourth edition of DevExperience!