DevExperience Pilgrimage

The DevExperience Pilgrimage

Remember that we told you we have some surprises for you? It is time to find out what it is! We have prepared a great pilgrimage so all the IT evangelists in Iasi can have fun and find out more details about this year edition of DevExperience.

The 4th Gathering starts this week and we are expecting all the IT fanatics between all seven hills to awake the city with us.

We are looking for great people who are brave enough to accept our challenge and respond to our quiz. The rules are simple: whoever knows all three correct answers to our questions will receive a Holy Drink and a 20% discount for the conference ticket.

Don’t worry! We will come to your favorite places!

Pilgrimage Map

Coffee addict? Then look for us in the morning in Status Coffee, Teo's Cafe, Jassyro, Fika and Filicori.

In the afternoon we'll be charging your battery with a cup of coffee at The Trumpets and Treaz & Nu.

When the day of work is finished we will relax together inside the jazzy space of Meru.

And for those IT Evangelists who enjoy the late night preaches, we'll be showing up in Beer Zone, La Bază, B2 and Șotărie.

Make sure you stay tuned and find all the days when you can meet us and spread the word of our pilgrimage. May the force be with you and so the holy light reveals to you the clues for the correct answers.

Here is our schedule:

Pilgrimage Schedule