The absolutely normal Code of Conduct

We are organizing the absolutely normal international IT conference, so we are expecting the absolutely normal behavior from all the participants. Just to make sure that everybody is aware of our expectations, we give you the absolutely normal Code of Conduct, which all attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners must agree. We must all cooperate in order to ensure a safe environment and an event where diversity, tolerance and kindness are representing normality.

DevExperience is a harassment-free conference regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race or religion. This means that we do not permit any kind of negative behavior, language or text. If you need a confirmation of what harrassment might be, we tell you that you will not be allowed to use offensive language, intimidation, stalking, disruption of talks, innapropriate physical contact, unwellcomed sexual attention or violence.

We care for our participants and we will do everything that it takes to assure the pleasant, safe and normal environment. So, if you will violate the rules of this code of conduct we will have to expell you from the conference without a fund.

Also, if you notice someone at the conference violating the rules, please speak up and report any kind of harrasment. Someone from the organizers team will always be at the registration desk, so feel free to go there and talk about it! However, if you want to tell us online about a harrasment you see at the event, please write us at, and of course on our social media accounts. You can also text us or call us at +40758077920.

Of course, we do not expect this kind of behavior to happen. We expect inteligent, tolerant, kind participants at the event. Still, we have created the Code of Conduct because we want our participants to feel confident that we are assuring them a safe place, where the standards are high and the behavior is absolutely normal.