Free community events

On Saturday, 20 April at International Hotel Iasi.
The events are free, all you need to do is register until 7 April and then wait for our confirmation
*Hands-On experience, you need your laptop.
Registration & Confirmation is required

Saturday, 20 April, 08:30

Breaking the monolith

Following a monolith first approach, learn how to break the monolith using DDD techniques when you're ready to bring more business agility and performance



Saturday, 20 April, 13:30

Web testing using the Screenplay pattern

"Every test tells a story, but some tell a better story than others" - John Ferguson Smart



Saturday, 20 April, 08:30

Building Architectures that Deliver by Centric

Introducing metrics and fitness functions in the continuous delivery pipeline can provide continuous feedback for architectural conformance.



Saturday, 20 April, 13:30

Lambdas and streams - a survival guide by Wantsome

Java 8 brought lambdas, and lambdas brought streams with all the pros and cons, likes and dislikes, usefulness, overusing and misusing.



Saturday, 20 April, 08:30

Rapid game prototyping with VanillaJS by RomSoft

We're going to tackle the Object Oriented JavaScript patterns that will improve your code's structure, making it clean, flexible and reusable.



Saturday, 20 April, 08:30

Zero to Hero: Functional Programming with Scala by Wantsome

We are going to learn about Scala, we'll try the collections, the types, the pattern matching, the typeclasses and a lot more.