Christian Wenz

Christian Wenz

Christian Wenz is an author, consultant and trainer focussing on web technologies and web application security.
He wrote or co-wrote over 100 books, is a fixture at international developer conferences since 2001, and a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET since 2004.

His day job includes conducting security audits, migrating old code bases, implementing complex web applications and helping companies choose the right mix of web technologies.

Talk: Web Application Security – Browsers to the Rescue!

A while ago, web browsers were considered the #1 security risk on the web. Today, they are the last line of defense.

Over the course of the previous decade, many security mechanisms and APIs were integrated into web browsers. These measures can protect a site from an attack, implement security protocols, or provide related functionality like encryption.

Join Christian while you will have a look at many different APIs, features, and of course the browser support.