Anastasiia Voitova

Anastasiia Voitova

Anastasiia is an ex-mobile developer and full-stack security engineer now. She maintains open source cryptographic tools, engineers security software, consults companies about data protection, and tutors developers in building more secure applications. During last year her most used languages were: C, Go, Swift/Obj-C, Python.

You can always talk to her about applied cryptography, data security, building and maintaining secure applications and cats.

Talk: Protecting sensitive data in modern multi-component systems

Modern applications are huge and different, but they all operate sensitive data. We will go through a typical security decision map most developers handle in their apps/infrastructures. We will illustrate typical data protection patterns: from “everyone knows everything” to “end to end encryption”. We will look and learn how to select appropriate security controls based on the use-case and the threat model.

The goal of the talk is to give a general thinking framework and enough ideas about tools for senior engineers to plan their solutions securely, regarding sensitive data contained within.